When it comes to maintaining your home’s aesthetics and ensuring a comfortable living environment, clean and sparkling windows play a crucial role. While some homeowners might attempt to clean their windows themselves, hiring a professional window cleaning service can offer a host of benefits, including superior results, time-saving, and enhanced safety.

However, entrusting the task to a professional requires understanding what to expect from their service. In this guide, we’ll present a comprehensive window cleaning checklist that covers every aspect of what a professional service should offer. 

Whether you’re a first-time customer or looking to switch service providers, this checklist will help you make an informed decision and ensure your windows shine bright.

25 Things to Expect from a Window Cleaning Service.

Let’s delve into the essential components of what you should expect from a professional window cleaning service:

1. Assessing Your Window Cleaning Needs

A reputable window cleaning service will start by assessing your specific needs. They should inquire about the number of windows in your home, whether you require both interior and exterior cleaning, and if there are any specialty windows that demand special care.

2. Providing a Detailed Quote

A professional window cleaning service will offer a detailed and transparent quote for their services. This quote should outline the scope of work, pricing, any additional charges, and the estimated timeframe for completing the job.

3. Using High-Quality Equipment and Cleaning Solutions

Expect a professional window cleaning service to use high-quality equipment, such as squeegees, microfiber cloths, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. They should avoid using abrasive tools that could damage the glass or frames.

4. Ensuring Safety Measures

Safety is paramount during window cleaning, especially for multi-story buildings. A reliable service will have well-trained technicians equipped with safety harnesses and ropes when working at heights.

5. Cleaning Both Interior and Exterior Surfaces

A comprehensive window cleaning service will clean both the interior and exterior surfaces of your windows. This ensures a consistent, streak-free finish from both sides.

6. Addressing Hard-to-Reach Areas

Professional window cleaners should have the expertise and tools to clean hard-to-reach areas, such as windows above staircases or skylights. They might use extension poles or specialized equipment for these tasks.

7. Paying Attention to Window Frames and Sills

A thorough window cleaning service won’t neglect the window frames and sills. They should remove dirt, dust, and grime from these areas, enhancing the overall cleanliness and appearance of your windows.

8. Spotting and Reporting Window Issues

Experienced window cleaners might spot potential window issues, such as cracked glass or damaged seals, during the cleaning process. They should promptly report these findings to the homeowner.

9. Treating Stains and Water Spots

Stubborn stains and water spots can be a challenge to remove. A professional service will have techniques to tackle these issues effectively without causing damage to the glass.

professional window cleaning, 25 Things to Expect from a Window Cleaning Service.

10. Cleaning Window Screens and Tracks

A comprehensive window cleaning service will also clean window screens and tracks, ensuring optimal functionality and preventing dust buildup.

11. Offering Additional Services

Many professional window cleaning services offer additional services like gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and even holiday light installation. Inquire about these services if you have related needs.

12. Assuring Satisfaction Guarantee

Reputable window cleaning companies stand behind their work and offer a satisfaction guarantee. This means that if you’re not fully satisfied with the results, they will rectify the issues promptly.

13. Respect for Your Property

Expect a professional window cleaning service to treat your property with respect. They should take precautions to avoid causing any damage to your landscaping or furniture during the cleaning process.

14. Arriving on Time and Ready to Work

A reliable service will arrive on time for the scheduled appointment, ready with all the necessary equipment and supplies to start cleaning.

15. Maintaining Communication

Communication is essential throughout the window cleaning process. A professional service will keep you informed about their progress and any unforeseen challenges that may arise.

16. Eco-Friendly Practices

If you prioritize environmental sustainability, inquire about the service’s eco-friendly practices. Many window cleaning companies use biodegradable cleaning solutions and water-saving techniques.

17. Years of Experience and Expertise

A trustworthy window cleaning service should have years of experience in the industry and a team of skilled technicians capable of handling various window types and sizes.

18. Courtesy and Professionalism

Expect the window cleaning crew to be courteous, respectful, and dressed in professional attire. A friendly and approachable attitude goes a long way in providing a positive customer experience.

19. Easy Payment and Invoicing Process

A professional window cleaning service will offer various payment options and provide clear and detailed invoices for the services rendered.

professional window cleaning, 25 Things to Expect from a Window Cleaning Service.

20. Post-Cleaning Inspection

After completing the job, a reliable service might conduct a post-cleaning inspection with you to ensure you’re satisfied with the results.

21. Recommendations for Window Maintenance

Professional window cleaners might offer valuable tips for maintaining clean windows between scheduled cleanings.

22. Adhering to Industry Standards

Expect a professional window cleaning service to adhere to industry standards and best practices, ensuring quality service and safety.

23. Clearing Debris and Residues

A thorough window cleaning service will remove any debris, residues, or streaks, leaving your windows spotless and crystal clear.

24. Licensed and Insured

Verify that the window cleaning service has a valid business license and carries appropriate insurance to protect against potential accidents or damages.

25. Friendly Customer Support

Friendly and responsive customer support is crucial, especially when you have inquiries or need to schedule appointments. A professional service will prioritize excellent communication with customers.

A professional window cleaning service can elevate the appearance and comfort of your home significantly. By following this comprehensive checklist, you’ll be well-prepared to choose the right service provider and enjoy sparkling, streak-free windows that add beauty and value to your property.


The frequency of professional window cleaning depends on various factors, including your location, the environment, and personal preferences. In general, a bi-annual or quarterly cleaning schedule is recommended for most homeowners.

Absolutely! Clean windows allow more natural light to enter your home, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day. Additionally, without dirt and grime blocking sunlight, your home may retain more heat during colder months, contributing to improved energy efficiency.

The cost of professional window cleaning services can vary based on factors such as the number of windows, the level of difficulty, and the location of your home. However, the benefits of hiring a professional service, including time saved and quality results, often outweigh the cost.

Yes, you can schedule window cleaning during the winter months. Professional window cleaners use specialized solutions and techniques that prevent freezing and ensure effective cleaning even in colder temperatures.

The duration of a window cleaning session depends on the number of windows and their condition. A standard-sized home with 10 to 15 windows might take around 1 to 2 hours to clean thoroughly.

It’s a good idea to remove window screens before the cleaning process. This allows the window cleaning service to clean both the windows and the screens more effectively.